Video Uploads

On this page you can see short videos uploaded by readers. To upload your own video, you can register for a free account at YouTube (only a username and an email required for an account) and upload videos to their service. will capture all videos there tagged with the term “enoughzimbabwe” and will republish them here on this page. For best results, we suggest uploading short news pieces, interviews, and other video segments less than 5 minutes long. You can see all the videos tagged enoughzimbabwe in YouTube here.

For longer videos that you needed hosted online, we can recommend a number of possible services. Please contact us regarding such situations.

Video is a very demanding medium, so it may be helpful to press pause after these videos begin downloading and wait until download is complete before pressing play again.

Sample, Unrelated Videos From YouTube

Chalk La Strada
Contributed by Ms. XYZ

Contributed by Mr. WHP
Short and satirical.

MIT Media Lab I/O Brush
Contributed by
Incredible demonstration of a new technology.