Street Talk

To keep you appraised on the reality of life in Zimbabwe for ordinary people, I conduct random interviews on Harare’s streets. Here’s the latest on what life is like in Harare, two days afterecelebrating independence. We’ll call our intervewee “Tino.”

ZP: How is life in Zimbabwe these days?
Tino: Life here is really tight we’re are barely getting by now,still hanging in there though.

ZP: Just two months ago fuel was next to impossible to find, has the situation improved?
Tino: Fuel is going for about ZW$200k per litre and will no doubt be getting worse after the SA fuel prices went up a few days ago. Its just a matter of time.

ZP: At that time bread was hard to find and was prohibitive at $45,000 a loaf. Has that improved?
Tino: The standard loaf of bread is now costing 95k. Some even 110k depending on the type of bread.

ZP: A one way ride on the public transportation system averaged between $15k and $20k, what has happened to that?
Tino: A ride to and from town ranges between 40k and 50k,but not for long either,coz there has been talk about them going up soon.

ZP: What can you tell me about your housing situation?
Tino: Rentals are sparing none,an average room is now costing about 6m and as for a proper cottage its about 15m,the flats well,that’s a non starter now,a bed sitter is almost 20m now.

ZP: I also know that issue of school fees has been controversial for years now, how has it changed from the early days after independence when education was free and mandatory for all?
Tino: I feel sorry for those with kids going to school sha,one would be looking at a cool 40m per term for a kid in high school, when the parents only bring home a measly 20m a month. I guess that will be me in a couple of years, I don’t know what I’ll do then.

ZP: Recently, we started hearing that the government intends to monitor tele and cyber communications more closely what do you think about the new measures?
Tino: It’s really silly, they have been proposing a bill to moniter web activity. How silly is that,not to mention call monitoring for cell phones.

Ahh zvaka pressa sahwira. (Things are really tight)

With inflation official almost over 1000%,its like we are heading for the great depression here and there seems to be no way to stop the spiral.

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