Mutambara Rally Controversy Energizes Zimbabweans Abroad

Whether they think Arthur Mutambara attracted 35, 50 or 500 people to his Manchester rally, there’s not doubt that the controversial scholar has stirred exiled Zimbabweans into an opinionated cyber frenzy over the facts about his rally.

The rally, which was officially announcedhere, is now the center of a raging battle between supporters of Mutambara and his opponents from across the globe. Complete with typical ad hominem attacks characteristic of any political debate, Zimbos across the world are putting their political loyalties on display as they debate how succesful the rally was. Read this and follow the debate in the comments.

This is a milestone in Zimbawe’s journey towards democracy. Zimbabweans care about the politics of their country. They have opinions, and want to have a say about what’s going on. Most importantly, Zimbabweans in the diaspora are showing that they care deeply despite their physical absence from home.

The internet is the next frontier were the Zimbabwean battle will play out and there ordinary Zimbos will have their say. I’m excited for what this means for the prospects we have of organizing diasporal population in the lead up to our version of restoration of democracy.

Note:This post is a follow up to this original post.

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The vibrant discussion in the comment section of the Manchester story is a good sign. People need to vehemently debate. That is the spirit of democracy. Hopefully the topics of debate will widen in scope.


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