Mutambara Courts Controversy in London Again!

8:01 PM UPDATE: Zimdaily has just uploaded this cellphone video clip of Mutambara’s second London rally (Flash required)

After a salty debut in the UK last week, Arthur Mutambara the leader of the pro-senate faction of the MDC is back in hte UK. Zimdaily, who live blogged the event and supplied the above video, has the very latest on the Mutambara London Rally here.

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Mutambara Rally Controversy Energizes Zimbabweans Abroad

Whether they think Arthur Mutambara attracted 35, 50 or 500 people to his Manchester rally, there’s not doubt that the controversial scholar has stirred exiled Zimbabweans into an opinionated cyber frenzy over the facts about his rally.

The rally, which was officially announcedhere, is now the center of a raging battle between supporters of Mutambara and his opponents from across the globe. Complete with typical ad hominem attacks characteristic of any political debate, Zimbos across the world are putting their political loyalties on display as they debate how succesful the rally was. Read this and follow the debate in the comments.

This is a milestone in Zimbawe’s journey towards democracy. Zimbabweans care about the politics of their country. They have opinions, and want to have a say about what’s going on. Most importantly, Zimbabweans in the diaspora are showing that they care deeply despite their physical absence from home.

The internet is the next frontier were the Zimbabwean battle will play out and there ordinary Zimbos will have their say. I’m excited for what this means for the prospects we have of organizing diasporal population in the lead up to our version of restoration of democracy.

Note:This post is a follow up to this original post.

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Controversy Finds Mutambara on his European Tour

The internet is such a beautiful thing! Using this all equating medium Zimbabwean citizen journalists setting the record straight over what really happened at Arthur Mutambara’s Manchester Rally yesterday. which is known to be sympathetic to Mutambara’s faction of the MDC gloats,

“Addressing cheering supporters in Manchester Sunday, the swaggering former NASA rocket scientist said it was a “generational mandate” to push for the exiles to be allowed to vote.”

True to the form of their colleagues back at home who deify anyone whose charisma sways them Zimbabwean journalists waxed,

“Mutambara, who was on a tour of Europe with officials from his camp who include Professor Welshman Ncube and Glen Norah MP Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, told the crowd, estimated at 500, that his faction of the MDC was re-branding to shake off the image that it was a “puppet” of the West.”

The real kicker is that Zimdaily has a post by a Zimbabwean who actually attended the “rally” here.

“I decided to write this article having read two Zimbabwean internet sites who are trying to portray A.G.O had a record attendance at his so called rally. One of the publications actually put the figure at about 500 whilst the other news site of the “Jozi diaries fame” told us they were cheering supporters when infact the rally was of sombre mood as people simply didn’t turn up and the atmosphere never heated up. The contents of Arthur and Priscilla’s speech were accurate although spiced up in the reports. It is disturbing to note, it was reported the rally was a resounding success.”

In the comments of yet another Zimbabwean who attended the rally chimes in;

35 is an over-inflated figure,i was there with Mugrade7, i would put the figure at 15. The rest were part of his entourage and their UK branch members. Mugrade7, myself and a few other gate crushers.

The people have spoken. We won’t be hoodwinked by shoddy partisan penmanship anymore. This is the age of information democracy for all.

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Peta Thornycroft; “Everything is better in Zimbabwe”

Resilient journalist Peta Thornycroft who is one of the last remaining foreign journalists in Zimbabwe despite harsh media laws thinks“Everything is better in Zimbabwe.”

With inflation at 1,000%, unemployment above 80% and GDP at 40% less than what it was eight years ago, I think’s she missed the boat on this one.